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London Heathrow Shuttle

Shuttle London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow ShuttleHeathrow Airport is one of the biggest and busiest airports on a world-wide level. It is located in the western area of London, not very close to Central London but with all the necessary means of Heathrow Shuttle transfers displayed for all of its customers. Its amazing size is explained by the existence of five terminals, although Terminal 5 is currently closed until June and Terminal 4 is exclusively used for long international flights. Even though London City Airport is the most expensive one, located right in the heart of the United Kingdom’s capital city, Heathrow also offers luxurious lounges and stores, giving the possibility of a hot and relaxing shower after that long flight. And while you are pampering, someone will make sure to press your clothes.

However, tourists and British inhabitants can also find accessible tickets that will fit each and every budget. In case you do not need to take a London Heathrow Shuttle right away and maybe take a day or two to visit the surroundings, you will be thrilled to hear that wonderful hotels are at a walking distance. You have many options, like: Renaissance Heathrow Airport, Holiday Inn London Heathrow and Park Inn Heathrow Hotel. You can check in and simply start a mini tour. For entertainment, there are several places perfect for you: Puppet Theatre Barge (with unique puppet shows), The Turk’s Head (a comedy club) and The Bearcat Comedy Club (with great humorous shows). All of these are very close to Heathrow Airport, so you do not need to spend extra money for Heathrow Shuttles.

Do not think that the entertainment starts only after sunset. You have a variety of local sights and attractions that can be visited during the daytime, like: Osterley Park and House (a Tudor mansion), Thorpe Park (for crazy adrenaline and some of the greatest roller coasters in the world) and Strawberry Hill House (with its beautiful yet mysterious atmosphere). Of course, you have also all kinds of leisure centers at your disposal. In case you are a very active person and sport is a very important part of your life, Feltham Airparcs Leisure Centre offers you access to sports like tennis and squash, plus aerobics and other fit activities. For business men that are in London for a special business related meeting, there are some perfect places for organizing them: Osterley Park and House, Orleans House Gallery and Syon Park.

As you can see, a little stop on Heathrow area can become quite a fun and efficient experience, even if you are a business man or a traveller that needs to take another flight, from Gatwick Airport, for example, that is situated at a 30 miles distance from Heathrow. As I have underlined in the first paragraph, Heathrow Shuttle transfers are all around you, for every budget and comfort need, such as: taxi ranks, private hire companies, buses, coaches, trains, the Tube and nearby motorways in case you want to rent a car. So, our warm advice to you is to enjoy every flight and turn it into a beautiful memory..

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